African Treasure Farms

Our Products



Our heads of cattle are carefully bread and maintained from the time of birth up to until they supplied to consumers. this is ensure theirs by products (beef is tender and tasty & milk is with high nutirents) are of high quality and up to required standards for consumption.



Our team of pigs are carefully bread and maintained from the time of birth up to until they supplied to consumers. They undergoe unique maintenance as opposed to that applied to cattle. Our selected and dedicated farmers ensure for healthy pigs and eventually high quality pork to be supplied to our clients.

Goat Meat


The goats of African Treasure Farms are just as specially bread and reared as the pigs and cattle. With their own dedicated caretakers as well, they receive the at most attention to ensure they are healthy, reproduce healthy offspring as well as eventually provide for healthy, tasty and high quality meat for our customers and consumers.



Our chickens are reared in the best conditions to ensure they are healthy and and big enough for the supply of quality chiken meat to our clients and consumers. These chikens are kept in hygenic enclosures of required national standards. We rear layers, broilers and free range chikens to cater for out wide range of clients and provide for their needs.



Fish farmning is amongst one of our main focuses. Our fish is kept in up to standard ponds absed upon policies set by the Ministry Of Livestock and Fisheries.national standards. Our ponds hold a wide variety of fish species to ensure a supply to a wide range of customers based upon their species of choice.


Fresh Farm Produce

We grow a wide variety of fresh farm products ranging from fruits, vegetables and other consumables. We strive to supply these to our clients and consumers fresh from straight from the farm. Other consumables we grow include, soya beans, maize/ corn, groundnuts, potatoes (Irish and sweet), sorghum, wheat, caassava,
rice… just to mention a few.


We Have The Solution For You

We are able to supply you with any quantities of our produce as you may need. Look no futher and contact us.

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