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African Treasure Farms is a registered company in Zambia to carry out agriculture related business

like Crop farming, Livestock Farming, Trading of agriculture products and other agriculture related business. We rare a varst range of livestock (Cattle, Pigs,
Goats, Chickens, Fish) as well as grow fresh farm produce such as Fruits and Vegetables and more..

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Our Team

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We have a specialised team ready to respond to any queries you might have.

Our Team

Our team is our most valuable asset. It consists of professional managers with years cumulative international and external experience. We have a “One Team” attitude and approach to work, we engage equally and effi ciently to deliver the best quality produce to our clients.

We focus not only on quality by itself but strive to redefine the benchmarks of quality. We strongly believe that our competitive edge comes from pursuing innovation and striving to set the industry standard for quality.

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To produce quality agricultural products using improved production, value addition and marketing innovations for multiple benefits.


To operate a sustainable agribusiness that produces enough farm produces to supply the nation and be able to export to other countries.

Our Values

Human Dignity


We Have The Solution For You

We are able to supply you with any quantities of our produce as you may need. Look no futher and contact us.

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